Willem Graveson (Template)

A feral warrior, raised by the faith, ready to shepherd unnatural evils back to the darkness.


Bare Bones Stats

lvl 3 NG Shifter Fighter
HP 38

STR 19
DEX 14
CON 14
INT 13
WIS 14

AC: 18 (AB 6 DB 2)

Initiative 4

Fort: 5 Ref: 3 Will: 7


Primary Attack: Heavy Flail +7 d10+6 19-20, Short Bow +5 d6 x3

CMB +7 (+10 trip)
CMD 18


Child of the Temple
Teacher’s Pet

Feats & Abilities

Aspect of the Beast
Iron Will
Power Attack
Pack Mentality
Armor Training
Combat Expertise
Low Light Vision


Acrobatics 4
Climb 10
Intimidate 5
Knowledge Engineering 6
Knowledge Dungeoneering 6
Knowledge Local 7
Knowledge Nobility 3
Knowledge Religion 6
Perception 2
Survival 8
Swim 8


MW Heavy Flail
MW Chain Mail
MW Longsword
Hide Armor
Short Bow
20x Arrows
Knap sack
Plain Clothes
Holy Symbol



Willem stands 6’5’’ tall and is solidly built. He wears a full beard which only adds to his feral looks. If he spends some time he can almost pass for human barring his gold-ish eyes and animalistic teeth. He consistently wears a cold look of steely determination, if he has a warmer side few have witnessed it.


Willem is young and naive, he lacks confidence in all but his martial skills. While he is determined he has lacked a true family or peer group his entire life, which leads to a situational lack of confidence. If he forms a real connection with an individual it often will lead to true loyalty and admiration. To those he doesn’t know or trust he is truly cold.


Willem knows little of his true origins besides his obvious hereditary traits. He was abandoned as a mere babe, luckily this is when he first crossed paths with the Professor. Lorimor cared for the feral youth for several weeks before leaving him with Father Grimburrow for care at the temple of Pharasma.

He was raised in Ravengro, where his family became the followers of Pharasma and Professor Lorimor. When he reached the critical age Father Grimburrow, noticing his potential, sent him away to train with warriors of the faith. He left for training over 8 years ago with a few coins and the surname Graveson (common among orphans raised by the faith).

While Willem was a diligent if not obsessive student, he found himself lacking the divine connection with the Lady of the Graves (his feral nature may have had something to do with this). He continued his religious and martial training with no hope of ever becoming a Cleric or Paladin of Pharasma. In his final years of study news of Lorimor’s demise reached Willem. Ending his studies prematurely, he immediately set out for Ravengro to attend the Professor’s funeral and learn the truth of his end.

With unyielding determination he will pursue whatever evil caused this tragedy, until either their or his demise.


Benedict Benedict has been my longest friend and his presence on this journey is a lynchpin for my courage. We are two babes lost in the woods, but we are learning quickly. There is nothing we cannot face together.

Ellis While I never met Ellis before the Professor’s death, he seems to share in the Professor’s pursuit of knowledge and his passion for fighting the darkness. I don’t know how one can be so educated and communicate so well with the masses. The Professor’s studies always made him seem more distant and I have never been good with… people.

Fugue Fugue I am unsure of. He seems to have a darkness in him, but he was a trusted compatriot of the Professor’s. Seeing his reaction to Sarianna’s murder assures me of his intent. Regardless of his past and his probable ill deeds he is a man driven for justice, he need only request my aid and I will arrive.

Jofom Again another who shared the Professor’s drive for knowledge. I have not communicated with him much but he seems a reliable ally, and he has a skill set that seems unmatched. Hopefully I can break through his elven nature and we become closer companions.

Kendra She is still the same enigma she was when we were children. I wish I could support her in the Professor’s absence and let her know how strongly his death has effected me. It pained me greatly to see the Professor used for dark purpose and destroying him was no small feat of will.

Willem Graveson (Template)

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